Top 5 Best Value Infant Care Centre

For Mommies who are going back to work and whereby grandparents are not able to help take care of the baby, an infant care centre would probably be your best choice. Infant care centres take care of and provide a learning environment for very little ones as young as 2 months, up to 18 months old.

Prices of infant care programmes differ among centres and can be really expensive. Thankfully, the Singapore government runs the anchor operator scheme as part of measures to keep infant care/preschool fees affordable. There are five anchor operators in Singapore, which receive more funding and follow lower fee caps of (before GST) $720, $1,275 and $160 for full-day childcare, full-day infant care and kindergarten respectively. These fees are further brought down with a government subsidy of $600, bringing the cost to just $675 per month for full-day infant care.

We have listed the five anchor operators below.

1. PCF Sparkletots Preschool

PCF Sparkletots is Singapore’s largest preschool operator and employer. They operate over 360 preschools island-wide with an enrolment of over 40,000 children. Over the years, they have launched several initiatives to raise the quality of preschool education. These include offering a diverse range of learning programmes, improving the curriculum and facilities, and providing continual professional development opportunities to all our staff.

Contact them to check if your nearest branch offers infant care services.


With over 40 years of expertise in child development, My First Skool ensures that its curriculum stays current with the latest developments in early childhood to equip children at that stage in their development with the right skills and mindset to thrive in this ever-changing world.

They recognise that children are unique individuals. They explore their environment, form opinions, and want to be heard. As such, they center their curriculum around relationships, forging close bonds, and building genuine connections with the children and parents.

Children who receive encouragement and love are more eager to learn and play, and are empowered with the social competency skills needed to navigate different situations.

3. E-Bridge Pre-School

The first two years of a child’s life are a crucial period for their development, and experiences form their early knowledge, connections, and a foundation for lifelong learning and character building.

E-bridge pre-school infant care programme is specially designed within a guided inquiry curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to encourage active exploration, nurture happy, confident children with inquiring minds, and provide the best infant care in Singapore.

They focus on building respectful and positive relationships in a carefully created learning environment that provides a safe and stimulating space for infants and toddlers to explore, interact and learn. Natural and open-ended materials offer exploration, creativity, and sensory experiences that support children’s physical, cognitive, and social development – allowing them to thrive and discover the world around them. 

4. MY World Preschool

Founded by Metropolitan YMCA since 1980, M.Y World Preschool is committed to bringing quality infant and child care services to our communities, with an emphasis on character development and teaching of values. With a dedicated team of teachers, they hope to empower children through programmes that focus on learning through play, interaction, collaboration, and the use of technology. 

Children are curious learners and natural explorers. With their carefully-structured learning facilities, experienced infant educarers and proven curriculum framework, your infants are able to learn and explore through experiential and multiple sensory experiences in safe and conducive environments. (Infant care services are only available at selected centres)

At Skool4kidz, relationship is a key component in the care for and development of babies’ and toddlers’ sense of self. They believe the consistency of an educarer’s sensitivity, affection, and assurance in responding to each child’s needs and family culture will help the child gain a sense of security and confidence. This belief aligns with their national vision advocated in the Early Years Development Framework for centre-based quality.

Leveraging on Observe, Plan and Provide approach, their programme is designed to understand every child’s needs, and pair meaningful experiences to stimulate and promote development.

To understand the developmental stages and needs of individual infants and toddlers.

To identify the learning objectives in meaningful experiences planned to meet observed needs.

To deliver and facilitate activities, games, explorations, tasks and interactions that stimulate and challenge the infant mind.

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