Top 5 Best Value Confinement Meals

If you have engaged a confinement nanny, your confinement meals would be well taken care of.

If you are fortunate to be taken care of by your mothers or immediate family (we all know moms are the best!), you could spend the savings (from engaging a confinement nanny) to pamper yourself with confinement meals delivered to your doorstep. Confinement meals can be quite costly, but not needing to worry about it would allow your mother and yourself to take better care of your newborn. It would also create a balance of rest and bonding time with the baby for your mother. After all, cooking a confinement meal takes a lot of effort – from sourcing the best ingredients to food preparation.

Why not leave it to the experts? The prices of confinement meals in Singapore are pretty competitive, the average price is around $1600 – $1800 for 30 days of lunch & dinner. We managed to dig deep and discover a couple of them that are slightly below the average price. Take a look at our top 5 best values below.


Prices start from $1300 for 30 days or $450 for 10 days – inclusive of lunch & dinner (no GST)

Sizzling Dyyana is a home-based halal confinement meal company that offers delivery for confinement meals from Monday to Saturday. Lunch and dinner will be delivered at the same time, unlike a two-times-a-day delivery with other confinement delivery services.

You could enjoy a single meat or fish dish, vegetables, rice (a mixture of white, brown, black, and red rice), a lactation treat, and a healthy drink.

A one-time trial meal (both lunch and dinner) can be arranged at $45.


Prices start from $1468 for 28 days or $438 for 7 days – inclusive of lunch & dinner (no GST)

Happy-Mummy fully understands the challenges faced by every new mom in cooking confinement food or also known as post-natal meals. They believe that at this time it is important that you should eat right and stay happy. Do not let these issues wear you down when they could make your life much easier for you. What is more important now during your confinement period is to provide you more time to rest and spend time with your newborn.

Their confinement meals are specially catered to enhance your postnatal health and at the same time help your body to cope with the lactation demands of breastfeeding.

A one-time trial meal can be arranged at $35.


Prices start from $1450 for 30 days or $550 for 10 days – inclusive of lunch & dinner (no GST)

They offer one of the best confinement food packages in Singapore. Aside from their attractive meal prices, postnatal mothers get to enjoy a range of flavours across their confinement food options. This is made possible with their fusion cooking techniques. They combine traditional and modern cooking methods to turn fresh ingredients essential for postnatal recovery into nutritional and flavourful meals. Mothers can look forward to western delights and those packed with ethnic flavours from the Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines on our confinement food menu.

4. NOURICHE by RichFood

Prices start from $1610 for 28 days or $498 for 7 days – inclusive of lunch & dinner

Discount: Enjoy an additional 5% off on Regular and Vegetarian Confinement Twin Meal – 28 Days Lunch & Dinner, on top of the “Early Bird” discount.

NouRiche was established with one goal in mind, to provide new mothers with the nutrients they need for a more effective and speedy recovery from childbirth. While maternity and giving birth is a crucial milestone for a woman, these times are also very delicate for her well-being. A woman needs to be strong and healthy to be able to deliver the child and recover from it. Thus, at NouRiche, they wish to help new mothers in this endeavor by preparing the best confinement food in Singapore for their clients. Here, they combine the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and the experience of their chefs to come up with confinement meals that are both healthy and delicious.

A one-time trial meal can be arranged at $36.


Prices start from $1680 for 28 days or $430 for 7 days – inclusive of lunch & dinner

Confinement food daily meal packages are designed to recondition the mother’s body. Your body requires the right type of food to digest, revitalise health and absorb the necessary nutrients from your daily meals for repair and recovery process. TCM or recommended traditional confinement food recipes aimed to balance your body, improve blood circulation, dispel wind, detox, and cleanse the toxins from your body.

New mothers are weakened due to sharing of nutrition with the baby during pregnancy and the loss of blood during childbirth. Aside from eating right, some mothers may experience breast milk supply problems. Besides nursing regularly to stimulate breast milk production, there are food and nourishing confinement soups that mothers can order to increase their breast milk supply as well. Their confinement food menu for lunch and dinner is specially designed to cater to natural birth, cesarean, miscarriage, and breastmilk boosters.

A one-time trial meal can be arranged at $35.

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